Hollywood, CA – BOOM by Max Riley has now extended performances at The Theatre District through 

July 9th, 2006. Three generations of women, a time of fear and challenge in their lives, and the inevitable love-hate 

relationship that exists within family setthe timer for BOOM. The confines of extended care within 

a family, and its aftermath, place all of these women in one explosive room, andas each discovers… 

nothing lights a fuse like Family. Riley’s drama explores a microcosm of society and mirrors what is quickly 

becoming a reality for “Baby-Boomers” everywhere. More andmore “War Babies” are finding themselves 

in shock as the bombs of their maturing parents explode around them, and the fallout of aginghits their “Peter Pan” 

generation. Three women, one family, and one room, take us inside that journey. Artistic Director Macario Gaxiola 

noted, “The Aging Hipsters or Baby Boomers make up a huge segment of our society, but just becausewe’re 

living longer and looking better, doesn’t mean that we aren’t vulnerable to aging and its effects on not only ourselves, 

but our lovedones” said Gaxiola. He continued, “Riley’s play examines one family, and specifically two ‘Boomers’, 

facing their past and their future,  with all its beauty and its ugliness, all its love and its dysfunction – it’s heartwarming, 

and heartbreaking – it’s life.” The cast includes Company Members Alice Ensor and Lauren McMeikan; and Guest 

Artist Elizabeth Reilly, Co-Artistic Director, Hudson Theatres.


The Theatre District : 804 North El Centro Hollywood, CA 90038

PERFORMANCES: Friday, May 12th through Sunday, July 9th. Performances on Friday and Saturday evenings 

are at8:00 p.m. Sunday matinee performances are at 2:00 p.m. 

TICKETS: $15 for all shows. Group, Senior and Student discounts available


About The Theatre District The Theatre District is a non-profit theatre dedicated to presenting honest 

dramatizations of the human experience, devoted to artistic integrity, accessibility and providing educational 

opportunities in the arts. 

In 2005 The TheatreDistrict was honored with two Ovation Award nominations including Best Play in an 

Intimate Theatre, and Lead Actress in a Play (Ensor), for its production of Light Sensitive, also directed 

by Macario Gaxiola. 

About Baby Boomers (from Associated Press, on a Pew Research Center Poll, posted on Asbury Park Press 01/2/06 and the 2004  

Harvard/Met Life Study “Reinventing Aging.” )

· The baby boom generation is a demographic term for the population born between 1946 and 1964. 

· Approximately 77 million babies were born in the US between 1946 and 1964. 

· In 2011 the oldest will turn65, and on average can expect to live to 83. Many will continue well into their 90s. 

· Twenty-nine percent of baby boomers whose parents are still alive provide them with some financial assistance. 

· Sixty-eight percent of baby boomers with adult children help those children financially. 

· Thirteen percent of baby boomers provide financial support to both parents and children. 

· Baby boomers presently make up the lion's share of the political, cultural, industrial and academic leadership class in the U.S..

· Celebrities Baby Boomers: Ang Lee (51), Arnold Schwarzenegger (58), Madonna (47), Samuel Jackson (57),  John Travolta

(51), Demi Moore (43), Brad Pitt (42), Meryl Streep (57), Denzel Washington (51), Sharon Stone (47), Tom Hanks (49), 

George Clooney(44), Nastassja Kinski (47), Pierce Brosnan (52), Liam Neeson (53), Mel Gibson (50), Teri Hatcher (41), 

Sylvester Stallone (59), Steven Spielberg(59), Sissy Spacek (59), Bruce Willis (50), James Spader (45), Oprah Winfrey

(52), Antonio Banderas (45), Michelle Pfeiffer (47),  Cher (60 on May 20, 2006) Happy Birthday Baby!