Gaxiola's staging is fluid, making poignant and economical use of a scrimmed hallway
edging a perfectly messy room by set designer Two Blue Chairs. 
Dave DePino Backstage

Light Sensitive

Kudos as well to Two Blue Chairs for set design and to Extended Visions for lighting design.
Sandra Ross-LA Weekly

Meetin's on the Porch

The windswept, trash-strewn porch-yard mockup (designed by Two Blue Chairs) is gorgeously rustic.
Lovell Estell III-LA Weekly

The Room




The imaginative box set by Two Blue Chairs expands beyond the claustrophobic room when lighted, providing a welcome
glimpse beyond the confines of the room. Indeed, the setting stands as a monument to all property masters in the piles of
lived junk artistically arranged to overflowing.
Leigh Kennicott-Backstage



Dotted with memorabilia, the un-credited set design radiates the colorful ambiance of a pack rat’s lair. The similarly
un-credited lighting aptly underscores the piece’s tender moments.
Deborah Klugman-LA Weekly

Open House


The  set is wonderfully detailed, suggesting the ostensibly organized but subtly cluttered state of Frankie's household
and psyche. 
Les Spindle-Backstage