“LAS PALABRAS - el principio (the beginning)”
World Premiere July 18th at The Theatre District

Date: June 9, 2003
Contact: Alice Ensor, Coordination Mgr.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - The Theatre District at The Cast will present the world premiere of “Las Palabras – el principio (the beginning)” on July 18, 2003. This original solo performance makes strong use of lighting, sound and theatrical elements, and is based in Latino exploration. The original poetry in Las Palabras is the work of Mario Lescot; whose given name is Macario Gaxiola, and the writing is indicative of his Latino history (see second page attachment “About the Author”).

“Las Palabras” originated out of initial writings which Gaxiola put together for a one-night benefit performance that went up in May of this year. Religion, family violence, abuse and breaking the cycles were some of the many topics explored in his works. The overwhelming response to the evening influenced his decision to slate the now expanded work for a full-length performance run. Las Palabras will open on July 18th and run Friday and Saturday evenings at 8:00p.m. through August 30th.

Gaxiola is in the planning stages for Las Palabras to be developed into an outreach program at The Theatre District at The Cast. The Latino community has not traditionally had a voice to explore many of these “taboo” topics. Providing an opportunity for Latino teens and adults to have access to exploring alternate forms of expression is a program the Theatre hopes to have running by fall. The program would not be limited to Latino involvement, but would focus on making alternate forms of expression more available within any community where it might not normally have been accessible. Poets will be invited to submit their work and then be invited to audition for Las Palabras. The group would work together under Gaxiola’s direction to create, and then perform the next full-length original performance piece.

The Theatre District at The Cast is located at 804 N. El Centro, just two blocks North of Melrose and one block East of Vine in Hollywood. Tickets are $10 and group, senior and student discounts are available.

About The Author of
Las Palabras – el principio (the beginning)

At the age of five, Macario Gaxiola was alone on the streets of Tijuana, a casualty of a passionate union between a Latino airman and his 17-year-old Dutch beauty. Options were few, and for most, life was simply about survival. But surviving wasn’t enough, Art became a saving grace. Creating a theatre of light and imagination in a cardboard box became a replacement for selling Chicle or begging from tourists. The drive to express what he was feeling found its way into the light like a dandelion coming up through the cracks in the hot city cement.

In a world of abuse, prostitution, and poverty – a child chose life through Art. In an amazing journey over the next 48 years, the artist found his voice. Las Palabras is one product of that aria.

From the demons on the streets, to the foster parents who multiplied the abuses, to service in the military himself, and to living a life that wasn’t yet his own… his journey is an amazing testament to the strength of the human spirit… and to the fact that art is not only important – it is necessary to our survival. Las Palabras - el principio (the beginning) – is exactly what is says that it is – the aria that opens the opera that is Macario Gaxiola.

Macario Gaxiola is also known by the name Mario Lescot, and is the Artistic Director of The Theatre District at The Cast in Hollywood, California. He is currently in the process of legally regaining his given name of Macario Gaxiola.

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