The Newport Beach Exchange Club

A long standing group of community entrepreneurs, leaders, Veterans, and community minded citizens. My purpose in speaking to this group was to in fact to enlighten them as to the real positive affects they’d achieved, not only with regards to expansive projects in community planning and Children’s programs, or conservation of Newport Beach’s Back Bay... but... I wanted to relate how their efforts actually affected and lifted the single human being from believing “society” didn’t care. Such grand efforts can get lost with some such successful individuals. Such individuals and groups often benefit in returning to the feelings that first prompted the desire to “help.”

School Districts

Pacoima: (Value of Performing Arts) Newport Beach: (Art in Daily Life) Costa Mesa: (Theater as it assists in learning other subjects) Garden Grove: (Spoke to Passion versus Obsession) Santa Ana: (Spoke to types of Latin Art from Theatre to Religion) Back Bay: Spoke to finding alternate activity in the arts) Mission Viejo: (spoke to value of and differences in the English language) Laguna: (Spoke to humor versus drama) Hollywood: (Spoke to audition process) Hawthorne: (spoke to theatre discipline as it reflects in daily life) Outreach programs for Kids at Risk, Accelerated Class Student programs, Bilingual programs ESL etc. (Details in Outreach section.)

Larger Organizations

Orange County Performing Arts (autobiographical); Henry and Renee Segerstrom Symphony Hall; Orange County High School of The Arts ; Paramount Studios (spoke to differences in Theater, Film and Television, as experienced in Los Angeles); Saint Joseph’s Ballet; West Coast Performing Arts Center(spoke to period pieces in musical theatre along with the late Tom Whitney), Mission Viejo; Saint John’s, Orange County (Spoke to career development); Orange Coast College (spoke to subject of AIDS.)

Television: Orange County News (OCN)

"The Human Journey, “ Fullerton State University, Comcast Cablevision North Orange County Buena Park Cable Foundation (two night interview, autobiographical in nature,) Barclay Theater, Irvine California (video available online.)



Spoken in various Travels

Colorado Springs (spoke of importance of Latin Theatre to COC, Religious Organization) Los Angeles (numerous schools, charity organizations, ie, The Covenant House, Hollygrove Orphanage), Orange County (numerous schools and city organizations), San Diego, San Diego State (spoke of Irish and Kabuki theater along with Yeats), La Paloma Theatre, Palomar College (spoke to AIDS and the Arts,) Catalina, California(Corporate.) Huntington Beach, (Spoke to hate crimes…. city organized by request,) Mexico, Baja (numerous locations representing international corporations, Redken etc), Mexico City, El Presidente, Hotel Guamuchil, La Rotunda, Culiacan El Capital, Belgium, Liege (Maison de Schreurs), (All speaking of Opera.)

Community driven organizations

Numerous Senior Centers and Men’s and Women’s Clubs. Most recently, the Costa Mesa Women’s Club, and Costa Mesa Community Council (Spoke to value of the Performing Arts and Golden Age of Film and Theater.)

Theater Groups and Organizations

Society of Directors and Chorographers (Hollywood event.) All four TTD The Theatre District locations; Spoke, History of : Maria Callas; Bernard and Lucy Herrmann, Barber, Puccini, Verdi etc..

Awards Dinner Speaking Engagements; Found under list of awards and honors.

Endorsements for Public Speaking Engagements

"Each year, Macario is able to inspire these students with his leadership, theatrical expertise and helpful advice.  His warmth, energy, and motivation leave the students with a positive feeling about themselves and their accomplishments.  Macario also provides critical feedback and coaching.”

Jason Holland
Manager, Education Programs
Orange County Performing Arts Center

“On behalf of the Orange County Department of Education and all of the students, I would like to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to be a part of Summer at the Center.” 
Rosanne Chaney, OCPA

“Your warmth and your passion for the process of creating theatrical magic were an inspiration to all of us… My students and their parents could not stop raving about how much it touched them and caused them to value their family and friends.  We can’t thank you enough.”

Gail M. Bower
Shakespeare Academy Director
Newport Harbor High School

“Thanks again for your support, encouragement and participation.”

 Alyson Feltel, American Film Institute

“We were all appreciative of your efforts to encourage the recovering community…”

 Kay Brown
New Directions for Women, Inc.

“Thank you again for a memorable night”

 Laura Block & Lindsey Arnold

 “Every one admired the passion that you have for theatre.  I could not have asked for a better experience for my students.  I cannot thank you enough for your patience and creative excellence…”

 Gail M. Bower
Shakespeare Academy Director
Newport Harbor High School