The Theatre District
At The Cast
804 North El Centro
Hollywood, CA 90038

Date: March 4, 2002
Contact: Alice Ensor, Coordination Mgr.

The Theatre District presents “SESSIONS”. A new interactive artist’s workshop process


The Theatre District is pleased to announce the initiation of “Sessions” at The Theatre District. 

“Sessions” is an interactive workshop process whereby artists will have an opportunity to explore
and develop their work by working with actors, dancers, singers, directors, and other visual and
performing artists. The goal of “Sessions” is to help individuals see their artistic vision brought to
life and to use that experience to enhance, modify and develop their projects. “Sessions” will meet
twice per month at The Theatre District at The Cast with the intent of bringing artists together to
foster new material of all kinds. Attendance to “Sessions” is by invitation, though there is no charge
for any participant. The process is simple. Artists should submit a one to two page breakdown of
their project. For example, playwrights would submit a play synopsis, character breakdown, a few
pages of dialogue (no greater than ten pages) and a description of what they would like to achieve
from the “Sessions” process. Writers, Playwrights, Songwriters, Performance Artists, Dancers, 
Singers, Directors, Producers, Filmmakers and all artists are encouraged to submit. Selected
artists will have the opportunity to workshop their work via a “Session” and will interact directly
with the Assistant Artistic Director and the Sessions’ participants. 

Work developed in “Sessions” is geared toward fostering the artist’s ability to actually visualize a
concept with the help of other artists. Though many projects may be further supported and developed
by The Theatre District at The Cast; the intent of this series is to provide a safe and nurturing
environment for artists to stretch within their medium. Fostering artistic expression is not limited to
what will be developed by the company, but is instead focused on enhancing the process of the
workshop environment as a whole. Interested artists should submit projects for consideration by
mail to: “Sessions”  - Christian Holiday, Assistant Artistic Director, The Theatre District
, 804 North El Centro, Hollywood, CA 90038.

The Theatre Districtis located at 804 N. El Centro, 
just two blocks North of Melrose and one block East of Vine in Hollywood.

- END -